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Required resources

Pictures of foods and where they come from (A and B cards of the downloadable document), ideally laminated.

Note for the preschool worker

  • The A cards feature a variety of foods.
  • The B cards show where the foods pictured on the A cards come from.

Warm-up activity or introduction

Ask the kids some questions:

  • Do you know where the foods you eat come from? Do some grow in the ground? Do others grow on trees?
  • Have you ever helped plant a vegetable garden? What was your favourite part?
  • Have you ever been to a public market where farmers sell their own fruits, vegetables and other foods?

Main activity

  1. Divide the group in two.
  2. Give each child in the first group a A card (food). Each child should get a different card.
  3. Give each child in the second group a B card (origin). Each child should get a different card. The B cards that you hand out should also match the A cards that you hand out.
  4. Each child tucks a scarf into the back of their pants.
  5. Ask the children to spread out around the gym. The goal is for each child to find another child who has the card that matches their own. The game is played in silence!
  6. When the adult gives the go-ahead, as fast as they can, the children try to catch the other children’s scarves. If a child’s scarf gets stolen, they have to show their card.
  7. When two children find matching cards, they have to do two laps of the gym, following the adult’s instructions (e.g., hop like a kangaroo, walk sideways).

Note: If there’s an odd number of children, the adult can play.

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