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One team has to capture a bag containing pictures of an unbalanced breakfast and then make it balanced.


Required resources

  • One large resealable bag
  • Pictures of foods that can be eaten for breakfast (e.g., banana, berries, apple, potato, whole grain bagel, whole grain bread, whole grain breakfast cereal, milk, chocolate milk, milk-based smoothie with fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, eggs).
  • One bib per student (one colour per team), plus one extra bib in a different colour to identify the “scout” on the offensive team
  • Cones or other objects to designate the defensive zone


How to play

  • Introduce the activity to the students.
  • During the warm-up, explain what a balanced breakfast looks like. If possible, show the carousel pictures.
  • Divide the group into two teams. Each team will have a turn playing offence or defence.
  • Place the unbalanced breakfast bag in front of the defensive team’s zone.



  • The defensive team must protect the breakfast bag. To do so, defensive players must eliminate players from the other team by tagging them.
  • The offensive team must try to capture the bag.
  • The offensive team designates a “scout” to protect the team. The “scout” is the only person that can eliminate players on the defensive team by tagging them.
  • To capture the bag, a player from the offensive team must enter the defensive zone. This player must then run away with the bag when the opportunity arises.
  • When a player on the offensive team successfully brings the bag into the offensive zone without being tagged, the team can open the bag. They’ll discover two pictures of foods. Their mission becomes finding food options to make a balanced breakfast. A designated person runs to the food picture pile and brings back a suitable one. The pile is located outside the playing zone.
  • The teams then switch roles and the game resumes.
  • Teams can earn points based on the following criteria:
    • Successfully capturing the bag: 1 point
    • Creating a balanced breakfast: 1 additional point

Activity notes

The breakfast should include at least one food from each category of Canada’s Food Guide:

  • A vegetable or fruit (e.g., banana, berries, potato)
  • A whole grain food (e.g., whole grain cereal, whole wheat bread)
  • A protein food (e.g., dairy products, eggs, nuts, peanut butter)


Suggested bag contents

  • A banana and whole grain bread (could become a balanced breakfast by adding cheese, milk, an egg or peanut butter)
  • An egg and berries (could become a balanced breakfast by adding a whole grain bagel or whole grain bread)
  • A whole grain bagel and an apple (could become a balanced breakfast by adding cheese, yogurt, milk, an egg or peanut butter)


Additional challenge

Add constraints. For example, create a breakfast that is:

  • Quick to prepare
  • No-cook







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