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MERCADO is a board game that combines fun and learning, a winning combination to help children acquire knowledge and skills.

In addition to aligning with Canada’s Food Guide and the new framework Ensemble! Pour un service de garde scolaire qui favorise le développement du plein potentiel de l’élève[1] [Together! For school daycares that promote the development of students’ full potential] of the Association québécoise de la garde scolaire, the MERCADO game contributes to children’s overall development. Here are its main educational aims:  


  1. Development of knowledge related to food. For example:
    1. Recognizing and naming a variety of foods and cooking utensils
    2. Discovering recipes
    3. Discovering Canada’s Food Guide*
  2. Stimulation of language functions. For example:
    1. Reading, understanding and following game instructions
    2. Knowing the alphabetical order to establish player order*
  1. Development and reinforcement of memory and strategic thinking. For example:
    1. Memorizing the location of the cards required for the recipe
    2. Planning actions to make the recipe and being strategic
  2. Application of the concept of numbers. For example:
    1. Distributing the right amount of game materials to each player
    2. Understanding and using additions and subtractions to travel on the board*


  1. Development and reinforcement of fine motor skills. For example:
    1. Handling and shuffling cards
    2. Handling game pieces and discs


  1. Respect for social rules and others. For example:
    1. Waiting your turn
    2. Playing by the rules
    3. Respecting others’ ideas and suggestions


  1. Management of emotions. For example:
    1. Learning how to deal with unforeseen situations imposed by Action cards*
    2. Learning to enjoy the game and the discoveries made, whether you win or lose

*Educational aims covered exclusively in the MERCADO – Mission épicerie game.



[1] This new framework is currently being evaluated in selected schools. It should be available to all school daycares during the 2023-2024 school year.

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